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Microlending Projects

Blessing Bakery: Mongolian women create baked goods

In 2005, the Sound Essence Project developed a microlending program with a small group of women in Erdenet. A bakery was created in the home of two of the local women where they make cookies, breads, and other tasty treats for sale within their community.

Update on the Micro-lending Program: Words from our Blessing Bakery
First of all, we would like to give our special appreciation to The Sound Essence Project for giving us an opportunity to start operating The Blessing Bakery. Once we received the funding from The Sound Essence Project, we started our baking right away by using the kitchens of our two members, Purevsuren and Byambasuren. 

We are making three types of cookies and boortsog (Mongolian fried bread, pictured left), bread, rolls, as well as frozen dumplings.  We are currently selling our products to the small food kiosks, as well as local stores and restaurants. We spend approximately $10 for materials for making our products and have a daily profit of $5 from our cookies and rolls sales.  At this pace, we are confident that we will be able to create sustainable income for ourselves and pay back our loan.