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Mongolian Raindeer People

The Sound Essence Project Core Area of Cultural Sustainability focuses on the following key components.

1. Feature and Documentary Film

2. Storytelling

3. Cultural Pilgrimages - Mongolian Journals

4. Traditional Arts

Feature and Documentary Film

Sound Essence Productions brings together a diverse group of innovative filmmakers and social artist. Synergistic skills and interest create a forum for dynamic storytelling and advocacy.

Sound Essence Productions is a division of The Sound Essence Project, which is a not-for-profit organization. The videos and film draw their support and resources from grants and in-kind donations. Any profits generated from these projects are reinvested to support the organization at large and scholarships given to Mongolian Youth. Sound Essence Productions develops partnerships with other groups and individuals who are aligned with its mission and commitments.

The medium of film and video is a powerful tool for communicating the impact of the choices we make as individuals and societies on the lives of others. We are a group who believes that a story well told can change hearts, minds, lives and communities. We invite you to be a part of our vision in motion.

Mongolia - At the Door of the Sky


The heart of our work is an emphasis on cultural sustainability. The Sound Essence Project works to preserve traditional practices with sustainable ways of life.

The Mongolian Storyteller’s Project is committed to supporting the continuation of traditional stories and healing practices of Mongolian Elders, whose traditions are presently at risk due to economic and cultural hardships. This project is a way of reviving traditional wisdom and stories among Mongolian Elders and among Mongolian youth.

Traditional myths and stories provide a vital link to Mongolia’s spiritual heritage, and support cultural traditions to the nation’s youth during a time of intense modernization and change.

Bolortsetseg Chimegregzen Smith will translate the stories with an emphasis on understanding how they teach and heal. We will also work with Shagdarjarjavin Chimeddorj, a Mongolian artist from Ulaan Baatar, to bring the stories alive in a book with artwork.

The stories will also be developed into a documentary film and theater pieces at a later date. This will be under the guidance of Bolortsetseg Chimegregzen Smith , Shagdarjarjavin Chimeddorj, and Susan Bradbury.

Cultural Pilgrimages

The Sound Essence Project ventured to Mongolia in the summer of 2011 for our fourth time. We were a band of curious explorers that included Susan Bradbury, Bolor Smith and Ali Erickson. Our time together took us to the Gobi Desert, to Tetserling to sign Sister City papers and then to Bayan-Olgi and the Altai Mountains. The Sound Essence Project awarded college scholarships to young women in Mongolia to enhance their lives, their families, their community and their country. Thank you Terry and Jane Carten, Charles Holmes, Alison Erickson and Tuya and Grey Luehr.

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Traditional Arts

The Sound Essence Project worked with a group of women in Undershill, Dungobi who are sewing purses with traditional patterns embroidered on them. Another group of women in the same village are felting and making slippers, booties and seat covers. Their labels read MONGOLIAN WOMEN CREATE SELF SUSTAINING INCOMES BY RE-ESTABLISHING TRADITIONAL ARTS. The women mail us their products and they are sold in the United States. One hundred percent of the money is returned to the women. They are then able to buy coats and boots for their children and coal in the winter to heat their homes.