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Photo of Sound Essence Project Executive Director, Susan Bradbury in her professional acupuncture  practice.

The Sound Essence Project Core Area of Health and Healing focuses on the following key components.

Sound and Color Therapy

The Sound Essence Project utilizes vibrational healing tools, as a life enhancing resource to address human needs for better health. The monochorde table and tubes are used to affect the subtle energy fields. The monochorde follows a logarithmic progression of overtones. They help us align energetically with the mathematical vibration of the universe. The harmonics/overtones created by the table and tubes come from pure sounds. This can facilitate a shift in the physical body as well as the subtle energy fields, to bring us to a higher level of health.

The Sound Essence Project continues to research and explore sound and vibrational tools that create a process of change with a positive impact to the environment, with a commitment to sustainable approaches to healthcare that are safe, effective and affordable to the person and the environment. This project continues to strengthen bonds with the community by working with other healthcare providers to build bridges with foster greater responsibility to co-operate among many sectors of society.

Rejuvenation occurs when people choose to activate the deeper design for our evolution of health.

Susan's Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic • 901 Harris Avenue Bellingham ,WA • 360-714-1185

Stethoscope Project

Doctors in Mongolia are using Russian stethoscopes that are so outdated or in such poor condition that it makes their usage ineffective. In Mongolia, most of the doctors work in state hospitals and earn very little money, often only as much as $150 per month. This makes the purchase of medical equipment next to impossible. The Sound Essence Project is working with physicians in Mongolia to help provide new or used stethoscopes to replace the old or poor quality Russian stethoscopes that they have been using.

We have recently been able to purchase 20 new stethoscopes, and have received two used ones in good working condition. These will be transported to Mongolia and distributed to physicians there. These stethoscopes were purchased with money donated by Washington State Physicians specifically for this cause.

The Sound Essence Project in collaboration with Ministry of Health of Mongolia, Byambaa Batsereedene, M.D., PhD, State Secretary, and Bira Yanjmaa M.D., PhD, presented 20 stethoscopes to pulmonary doctors in Ulaanbaatar. A beautiful certificate was created by Bira Yanjmaa M.D., PhD, and presented to the doctors by Susan Bradbury and Byambaa Batsereedene. This was a heartwarming experience for all of us.

The doctors in Mongolia are in extreme need of medical supplies. We have pledged to help bring additional medical supplies. If a small group of doctors are better equipped this will benefit the people of Ulaanbaatar and the surrounding areas in Mongolia. We also delivered 5 stethoscopes to doctors in Erdenet and the Arkhungai Province with the help of Badmaaniambuuriin Biambasuren. If you are willing to help us better equip the doctors of Mongolia please contact Susan Bradbury.

Dr. Bira Yanjmaa assists Susan Bradbury, Executive Director of the Sound Essence Project with the presentation of the stethoscopes to the physicians in Ulaanbaatar. A total of 30 stethoscopes were presented while in Mongolia, thanks to donations received from physicians in Washington State, U.S.A.

Partnering with Other Organizations to Support AIDS Orphans

We are dedicated to support Project Luminesence which has been created under the non-profit A World Institute of Sustainable Humanity ( to improve the plight of the estimated one million AIDS orphaned children living in Zimbabwe.