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Photo of Peace Shrine in Mongolia

The Sound Essence Project Core Area of Peace focuses on the following key components.

1. Art Exhibits by Children, Youth, and Adults

2. Intergenerational Writing Programs

3. Workplace Programs

4. Community Programs

5. International Programs


Art Exhibits by Youth

How Can Our Imagination Create A Better World?

The Sound Essence project is pleased to be hosting our latest Art Show, How Can Our Imagination Create A Better World?. The show encompasses work from high school and college students from around the world. It is a celebration of creativity, beauty, ingenuity, hope, and inspiration.

Students are encouraged to explore the question How Can Our Imagination Create A Better World? through written word, art, industrial design, theater, music, and dance.

We have received art submissions from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Mongolia, Zimbabwe, The Tulalip Tribe, Wellspring High School, Explorations Academy and Sehome High School. Presently we have shows scheduled in Bellingham, Mid May 2006, San Francisco, late spring, and Mongolia during the summer of 2006. We will be showing submissions from East Timor in San Francisco this summer. We anticipate another fantastic show in 2007.

If you would like to submit a piece to this show please contact us at

All work needs to be submitted by September 15, 2006 to : Susan Bradbury c/o The Sound Essence Project, 901 Harris Avenue Bellingham, Washington 98225 U.S.A.

Art Exhibits by Children

The International Children's Peace Art Project

What Does Peace Look Like? through the eyes of the world's children. You will have an opportunity to view the creative responses from 3rd and 4th grade students from Mongolia, India, South Korea, Greece, Zimbabwe, Lummi Nation, Northern Ireland, Canada, and the United States.

Our purpose for organizing this exhibit was to celebrate and to give voice to the creative spirit of the world's children. By expanding this vision of peace, we can experience the children's heartfelt expressions inspired throughout the world.

A W.I.S.H. and The Sound Essence Project co-sponsored The International Children's Peace Art Project. The exhibit was shown at the Blue Horse Gallery, Bellingham, Washington, May 2005; Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington, July - August 2005; National Art Gallery, Ulan Bataar, Mongolia, August 2005; and in Kefalonia, Greece, September 2005.

The next What Does Peace Look Like? goes to San Francisco Jan 31 - Feb. 4 for the Justice , Religion, and Conflict Resolution for the World Forum 2007. This is being sponsored by The Rock Rose Institute

Community Programs

Child's drawing of peaceThe Sound Essence Project reached out to the Skagit Valley Community College in Washington State, during a Martin Luther King Festival, January 14, 2006, and conducted a What Does Peace Look Like? workshop.

Through a variety of exercises and discussions, children and adults artistically expressed their feelings and interpretations to our question, What Does Peace Look Like?

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International Programs

Middle East Peace Initiative

Susan Bradbury attends a peace conference in Jordan and Israel, the goal is to bring people from around the world to discuss options of peace in this region.

October 21, 2006

I have some amazing stories to tell. If you can work your way to the end as so many blessings have occured tonight.

We are joined by people from Belgium, Albania, London, Gaza, India, Palestine and Israel tonight. The talk is from the Bereaved Family Circle. It is a story of love, of hope and of peace.

A Jewish man from Israel has had his 14-year-old daughter killed by a suicide bomber. A Palestinian man's brother died from abuse in the Israeli jails. These two men have joined forces for peace to create healing in their countries. They made a choice to combine their pain to create power and to create hope. They have vowed to put cracks into the wall of hatred - cracks into the wall that literally divides the two groups of people.

They have started a radio show called All For Peace translated from Hebrew to Arabic and Arabic to Hebrew. They lecture at high schools around the country to show the childen it is possible to work together for peace. They are penetrating the wall, penetating students' minds, teaching that by working together Israel and Palestine can work for peace.

The Palestinians feel they are giving up 78% of their land and the Israeli Jews feel they are giving up 22% of their land.

An educated man from Israel feels we need to look to 2 great pillars of peace, Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King. Think about love, seek dynamics of love and in the process you will find God/Goddess. Remember I Have A Dream (King) .

Two very strong actions this group has taken is to have 2000 lamps with arabic and hebrew on them, and to have people join in the street at night with the candles for peace. To date, 5000 have been killed in this land in the last 6 years. Last year 1200 coffins were placed at the U.N. with Israeli and Palestinian flags on each as a testament of the amount of killing happening.

This was an emotional talk and I found myself with tears in my eyes. I will work with the Peace Federation in Oregon and we wil bring these two men to speak to the youth of the area. The Dalai Lama recently worked with 10,000 youth in Portland and I have been asked to help organize 10,000 youth to meet with the Dalai Lama in Seattle. This will be with your help Timmers.

Much is transpiring and I had an amazing thing happen afterwards when I was invited to sit with the European group and sip coffee. The man next to me is older but has been working in all the surrounding countries of Isreal and Jordan. I was invited to a special meeting later in the week to organize something in London and the States with various factions that are in this area and need peace desperately ( I am careful and will write more back at home). I am being lead through Divine Spirit to work in a greater capacity than I can imagine in bringing many groups together for talks.

We may be adding Arabic and Jewish artwork to our art show. Much magic is transpiring and I am riding a wave of ecstacy. I so appreciate all that everyone does in this line of work and the support from family and friends. This is truly a mission of peace on many levels. Michael always says it's all about the relationships. I now have made connections with all the Middle East countries and we will work in a fashion that makes sense.

One funny story before I go to bed. David, a gentleman from India, was also invited to meet with the European group. He was laughing as his roommate is Muslim and turns on the lights and does prayer and eats during the night as this is the end of Ramadan. You only can eat in the evening and fast during the day. David said he was exhausted as his roommate is up and down all night long. He said to him is Ramadan over and the Muslim man said one more day. David feels he may collapse in one more day with all the energy of these holy sites. This was all said in the spirit of joy at trying to accomodate and understand each other. It may be that you had to be there. Anyway,

I love you,

Mom Sus Susan