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Scholarship Recipients

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Past Recipients

Photo of Bayarjargal BatsaikhanTsoggerel Chuluunbaatar

My name is Tsoggerel Chuluunbaatar. I am 23 years old and I study at College of Food Technology majoring in food hygiene and inspection. I am a sophomore now. Sybil Sanford helped me financially and made it possible for me to receive higher education. If it wasn't her, I would have to quit the college because of financial problems this year. So, I am more than happy that she made everything possible for me. I don't have anything that I lack now. How grateful I am for the people helping my and others' lives! Thank you so much. God bless you.


In 2005, the Sound Essence Project was able to give a total amount of $2500 to our scholarship recipients. We are committed to providing our scholarship winners the cost of tuition, books, room and board, which is approximately $500 per student annually. Our goal is to raise this money for the 2006-2007 year.

Photo of Bayarjargal BatsaikhanBayarjargal Batsaikhan

Bayarjargal Batsaikhan was born October 22, 1987. She is 18 years old. She lives with her mother and two siblings in a small rented room. Her parents are divorced. Bayarjargal’s mother taught math classes until she became ill in 2000. Her mother’s disability money hardly covers their monthly rent. Regardless of her illness and financial struggles, Bayarjargal’s mother Ouyan-Chimeg is fully devoted to her girls’ education and future. Bayarjargal’s older sister Burenjargal is a second year student at the Mongolian National University. With our SEP Mongolia scholarship, Bayarjargal began her classes at the Mongolian Agricultural University this fall.

Photo of OyuanNomin Otgonbayar Oyuan-Nomin Otgonbayar

Oyuan-Nomin Otgonbayar was born April 8, 1988. She is 17 years old. Oyuan-Nomin’s mother passed away in 1994 when she was only five years old. Three years later her father was killed in a tragic accident that left Oyuan-Nomin and her sister Ouyu-Zul whith no parents at the ages of eight and eleven. Oyuan-Nomin and her sister Oyuan-Zul lived with their grandmother for five years until they could manage to lead their own lives. Her sister Oyuan-Zul is in her second year at the Mongolian State University. Ouyan-Nomin’s grandma pays Ouyan-Zul’s college tuition. However, she did not have enough money to send Oyuan-Nomin to college. Oyuan-Nomin was accepted to attend the Mongolian Agricultural University but could not start her classes due to financial difficulties. With our SEP Mongolia scholarship, Oyuan-Nomin began classes at the Mongolian Agricultural University this fall. Her goal is to receive a higher education and be able take care of the people who have supported her through the hard times. Once she receives her degree in English/Tourism from the Mongolian Agricultural University, Ouyan-Nomin wants to pursue a career in the Mongolian Tourism Industry.

Photo of Solongoo Adilbish Solongoo Adilbish

Solongoo Adilbish was born February 8, 1987. She is 18 years old. She lives with her parents and three siblings. In 2005, her mother Bolormaa had a serious back injury that required an expensive surgery and medical treatments. The injury not only disabled her mother so she can not work but also forced her to rely extensively on others’ care. Solongoo’s father works at Erdenet Corporation, the copper mining company in Erdenet as a miner. Since most of Solongoo’s father’s monthly salary goes for home loan payments with his company, the family couldn’t afford to send any of their girls to college. Solongoo is the first one in her family to receive a higher education. She likes to sing and dance. Solongoo wants to become a language teacher and dreams of teaching to those who have less opportunity. Solongoo is thrilled to start her classes at the Mongolian National University Erdenet Campus this Fall.

Photo of Zulzaya Bayanbat Zulzaya Bayanbat

Zulzaya Bayanbat was born February 15, 1986. She is 19 years old. She lives with her parents and four siblings. This year both her and her younger brother graduated from high school at the same time and both were accepted to colleges. However, with an annual income of approximately $70 for all seven of the family members, they could not afford to send their kids to college. Her mother is disabled and does not work. Zulzaya likes music and dance. She has won several awards for her dance performances. She is interested in math and science classes and dreams of becoming a physics engineer. With our SEP Mongolia scholarship, Zulzaya was able to enroll in her physics engineering classes at the Mongolian Technical University this fall.

Note: This photograph is of Zulzaya Bayanbat's mother. Zulzaya's picture was unavailable.

Photo of Erkembayar Mijid Erkhembayar Mijid

Erkhembayar Mijid is 22 years old and lives with his family in Ulaanbaatar. He has studied at the Secondary School 48 in Ulaanbaatar and is the only one from his family to study in the higher education institution. He has also worked as a craftsman in the Union of Mongolian Artists and supported other artists in interior design. A sculptor, he was selected by Mongolian artist and one of the world’s leading contemporary painters of horses, Shagdarjavin Chimeddorjj, based on his great talent and poor living conditions. Erkhembayar also enjoys playing basketball and football.