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The Sound Essence Project, a Washington State Nonprofit Corporation, is a collaborative international gathering of people with the intention to create a cross cultural network of resources in an environment of mutual learning with an emphasis on cultural sustainability. Through the confluence of our respective wisdom's, we hope to converge traditional practices with sustainable ways of life to create a profound partnership which expands world community and peace through education, herbal medicine, sound, color, and cultural communion.

Photo of Susan Bradbury Susan Bradbury

Susan Bradbury is passionate about life and designing resilience and thriving into all that she creates.

The Sound Essence Project, a 501(c)3 was founded by Susan in late 2003. Sustaining Cultures, Changing Lives and creating cross cultural networks of resources and partnerships for world community and peace is an area Susan is passionate about.

Mongolia is a country where student scholarships, tree planting and starting bakeries as microlending projects has captured her heart. Susan has traveled four summers to various areas of Mongolia filming traditional storytellers, to capture the nomadic stories.

Susan's love of people and dreams has lead to the creation of three international art shows, with the help of a creative team. What Does Peace Look Like? What Does Compassion Look Like? and What Can the Earth Teach Us About Love? has brought the artistic expression and voices from children around the world.

Susan holds a Master's Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and works from her clinic in Bellingham, Washington.

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Photo of Sarah Lidsey Sarah Lidsey

Sarah Lidsey has a background in the international art market, as a specialist in Old Master Paintings. She is also an energy therapist and spiritual guide whose work rests on the sacred nature of all Beings. Sarah’s passion for travel has taken her to incredible, often unsung places, and she has been gifted by her contact with these lands, the spirit of the people living on them, and their ancient cultures. This has led her to a deep appreciation of the unique gifts and challenges held by different nations.

Sarah follows a spiritual path deeply rooted in the teachings of Buddhism, and this interest has brought her into heart-felt relationship with the peoples of Mongolia and Tibet. It is Sarah’s heart felt wish to assist all people to live in Balance and Harmony, honoring their traditional ways and also their environment.


Photo of Bayarmaa Dulam Bayarmaa Dulam

Ms. Bayarmaa Dulam, the first Fulbright FLTA from Mongolia, received her B. A. in English with a double major -- English Teacher and Translator/Interpreter -- in 2001 with honors and a M. A. in Linguistics in 2003 from Otgontenger University, one of the first private universities in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. A Professor of English at Otgontenger University, she has five and a half years of experience of teaching English as a foreign language. At the same time, she has also been working with non-profit organizations such as Save the Children, UK and Association of Parents with Disabled Children, as well as OCHKO Translation Service Center at a capacity of a freelance translator/interpreter. Bayarmaa is currently working in Mongolia as an interpreter and is head of the Sound Essence Project's Mongolian office.


Photo of Simon Wickham-SmithKelly Kelsy

Kelly Kelsey considers herself a citizen of the world. She is happiest being in community, in service to the greater needs of humanity and empowering the Earth's natural balance and the wellbeing of all Her diverse lifeforms. Kelly is dedicated to progressive, practical educational opportunities that will inspire children and adults alike to meet our creative challenges with passion and hope and fulfilling satisfaction. With always a song in her heart, Kelly also loves to build community through singing circles that teach listening skills, harmony and finding one's authentic voice. Currently, Kelly is the co-director of Earthways Nature School in Maple Falls, WA which offers educational programs that foster appreciation, respect, and ecological stewardship of the Earth in an effort to ensure a legacy of health for all individuals and ecosystems now, and through the generations to come. She also shares her time building similar nature education programs in Hawaii to strengthen the legacy of "malama aina" inherent in the Hawaiian culture. Kelly joined Sound Essence Project because she appreciates the far-reaching vision held by Susan Bradbury and the can-do attitude applied to every project.


Photo of Simon Wickham-Smith Simon Wickhamsmith

Simon Wickham-Smith was born in the UK in 1968 and received a BA(Hons) in Engish Language and Literature from King's College, London. He was ordained as a monk in the Karma Kagyü lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, and subsequently took part in a traditional three-year retreat at Kagyü Samyé Ling monastery in Scotland. He has spent much of the last fifteen years working on Mongolian and Tibetan Buddhism, and latterly on contemporary Mongolian culture, and has published a number of translations and scholarly articles, including The Hidden Life of the Sixth Dalai Lama (Lexington Books, 2012). He received his PhD from the University of Washington with a dissertation on the work of the contemporary Mongolian poet G.Mend-Ooyo.


Photo of Ali EricksonAli Erickson

Dr. Ali has a PhD in Educational psychology and has been a lifetime child advocate. She has helped to introduce system-wide programs, which emphasize social emotional development, empathy and bullying prevention. She currently consults with a non-profit that provides housing and services to homeless individuals— mostly women and children. With her 4-year-old size puppets and yearlong programs, she helps preschool age children learn to successfully navigate their often-unpredictable social milieu. Dr. Ali supports two women college students in Mongolia and has also contributed to several scholarships enabling younger children in remote areas to attend school. Her next dream is to work with the Sound Essence Project to help build a school and clinic for the Reindeer people in the Altai Mountains.



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